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Fire Officer 1 Courses 

FFP-2720 Company Officer Leadership                                     $185.00
FFP-1810 Firefighting Tactics I  $110.00                                
FFP-2811 Firefighting Tactics II                                                                           $85.00
FFP-1740 Fire Service Course Delivery$185.00
FFP-1505 Fire Prevention Practices$185.00
FFP-1540 Private Fire Protection Systems I $245.00
FFP-2120 Building Construction           $225.00
                                       Plus the following 16-hr courses (or equivalent)
                                           FSFC-507 Basic Incident Management
                                           FSFC-522 Intermediate Incident Management
                                           FFP-1832 Emergency Response to Terrorism
                                                   Fire Safety Inspector 1 Courses
FFP-1505 Fire Prevention Practices  $185.00
FFP-1540 Private Fire Protection Systems I $245.00
FFP-2120 Building Construction $225.00
FFP-2521 Blue Print Reading and Plans Review$175.00
FFP-1510 Codes and Standards$200.00

Certificate Courses


Advanced Airway  Traditional Classroom                                     $100.00                                    
Oral Interview  Traditional Classroom                                                                         $75.00
Tactical Shooting Traditional Classroom$210.00
Suture Course Traditional Classroom$100.00
Basic EKG Traditional Classroom$55.00
Basic EKG Online$50.00
Advanced EKG Traditional Classroom$95.00



State of Florida Fire Courses

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians  

American Heart Association

Basic Life Support (CPR)                                              
Initial Provider Traditional Classroom                                                                             $50.00
Skill Session$45.00
Online Part 1$35.00
Online Part 1 with skill session included$70.00
Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Initial Provider Traditional Classroom

Renewal $95.00
Skill Session$50.00
Heart Code Part 1$125.00
Heart Code Part 1 with skill session included$160.00
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Initial Provider Traditional Classroom$135.00
Renewal  $105.00
Skill Session$50.00
Heart Code Part 1$130.00
Heart Code Part 1 with skill session included$165.00
Heart Saver (CPR/First Aid/ AED)
CPR/AED Traditional Classroom$45.00
CPR/AED Part 1 Online$40.00

First Aid Traditional Classroom

First Aid Part 1 Online$35.00
CPR/AED/F/A Traditional Classroom$65.00
CPR/AED/F/A Part 1 Online$55.00
Blood Borne Pathogen Online$25.00



Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support                                                

Initial Provider                                                                                                              

Renewal     $95.00
Advanced Medical Life Support
Initial Provider                                                                                                               $85.00
Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Military)   
Initial Provider$475.00
Law Enforcement and First Response Tactical Casualty Care
Initial Provider$250.00